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Castello di Tagliolo


The first news of Tagliolo go back to the end of the first millennium, when in March 976 Othon I grants the feud of Monferrato to the Marquis Aleramo I.
Across the centuries Tagliolo knew various feudatories, among whom the Spinola and the Doria, passing from the Republic of Genoa to the Duchy of Milan, to the Empire and to Spain.
In 1498 Tagliolo finally became a possession of the Gentile family, which obtained the title of Counts of Tagliolo.
In 1750, following the marriage of Teresa Gentile with Costantino Pinelli, the feud of Tagliolo went over to the Pinelli Gentile family, with the title of Marquis of Tagliolo.


The oldest part of the castle is the bottom of the tower, which goes back more than a thousand years. The upper part of the tower, now 38 metres high, was built between the 15th and the 16th centuries. The castle was restored at the end of the 19th century by the Portuguese architect De Andrade and today, thanks to the care of the proprietor, Marquis Pinelli Gentile, it is very well preserved.

The Castle

The Castle of Tagliolo Monferrato,
surrounded by its medieval village,
overlooks a large area
of the Alto Monferrato
which is among the most attractive
for the lovers of historical
memories that come to life again
in old architectural.