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Castello di Tagliolo


Acqui Terme
This town is one of the most popular with visitors to the province. The health spas in Acqui Terme are very famous and extremely popular. The town was founded by the Romans and was a trade centre and health resort. In Acqui Terme, you will find a number of very good restaurants offering a variety of local specialities.

A 2000-year-old town renowned for its delicious truffles and fine wines. In the town centre, you will see a superb medieval cathedral in the Gothic style.

Serravalle Outlet

Largest shopping mall in Europe, with its 240 shops, from famous brands to less known.

Capanne di Marcarolo National Park
This large national park is a lovely place for a day-trip. The nature and the countryside are beautiful and varied, and there are a number of footpaths of varying lengths.

Casale Monferrato
A town rich in history and culture. Casale was the political and military centre of the Piemonte region for a number of decades. The old parts of the town are home to mediaeval buildings and streets dating back to the Renaissance. A well attended antiques auction is held every month. In Casale, there are a number of sales outlets for the famous vineyards in the region, including Barbera, Grignolino and Barbaresco.

Cinque Terre
There are five villages along the Mediterranean coast not far from Genua. These villages: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vermazza and Monterosso, together go to make up Cinque Terre. These old fishing villages are blasted into the mountain slopes and have become popular places for tourists to visit over the last few years. Thanks to the relatively difficult access to the villages, it was not long ago that tourists first began to make their way here, so the villages have been able to retain much of their original charm.

Go bathing in the Mediterranean
The Mediterranean is only about 30 minutes from the castle. There are several nice beaches to visit: Riviera Ponente side (towards Ventimiglia): Varigotti, Celle Ligure, Noli Bergeggi. Riviera Levante side (towards Livorno): Santa Margherita, Paraggi and Portofino.

The mediaeval town of Gavi can be found nestling among vineyards and beautiful, undulating terrain. There is a large medieval stronghold here. Historically, this town was an important starting point for trade with Genoa. Gavi is the centre for the production of the delicious white wine known as Cortese di Gavi.

This town was founded in the 10th century AD. There are a number of nice buildings in the town centre which have been preserved since the Middle Ages, and recently restored and repainted. Extensive furnituremaking goes on in Ovada. In Ovada, you can buy delicious wines from local vineyards such as Dolcetto and Barbera.

At the foot of the beautiful Capanne di Marcarolo Nature Reserve is the town of Voltaggio. In the 17th century, this town was a holiday resort for wealthy town dwellers. If you are interested in art, there is a superb collection of paintings here dating back to the period 1500-1700 by artists from Genua and its environs.

Turin, Milan and Genoa
These three towns are all within about an hour's drive of Tagliolo